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Flexible solutions

How to start with ARShades is entirely up to you.   

ARShades provides flexible and scalable augmented reality solutions designed for various business needs. Whether it’s a small e-commerce venture or a large enterprise, ARShades can tailor its services to suit your requirements. It offers customised 3D viewers and Virtual Try-Ons (VTOs), and even the ability to brand your own app on the Apple Store and Google Play.


For All

Fast effective solution for all
Smart Solution
  • ARShades Shadow App
  • ARShades Instant/Clip Apps
  • Web Try-on
  • 3D / AR Viewer


Your Brand Solution ready for you
Branded Solution
  • Custom Try-on Apps
  • Custom Instant Try-on Apps
  • Custom Web Try-on
  • Custom 3D / AR Viewer


Use the magic of ARShades
SDK Solution
  • Face tracking
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Gesture recognition
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Color filters
  • AR masks

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No doubt, this is the quickest and most convenient solution for you to add High Definition Virtual Try-On to your e-commerce.

We will create a stunning catalogue on our ARShades APP for IOS and Android accessible from you web site only. ARShades Apps will operate as shadow apps to be invoked from the button TRY-ON straight in your e-commerce product page. 

Once engaged with ARShades, customers are brought back anytime to your website/cart to buy.

Customers do not even download ARShades; they can just use our Instant / Clip Apps!

If they are visiting your website from a desktop, they are redirected straight to the Web VTO. No matter what device, customers will not lose the route to your cart. 

solutions,flexible solutions,sdk,branded solutionsWe can brand the app after you and customise it with the templates and functions you need to sell more.

With Branded, you can present yourself to customers with your own VTO on the Apple Store and Google Play.

We can even build your own new e-commerce mobile application based on ARShades. 

With ARShades Studio you can customise many features of the 3D viewers and VTOs autonomously, whenever you need.

Change the way single 3D Models, brand lines or entire catalogues are presented to your customers, adjusting templates, badges, colours, links and so on for specific campaigns. 

… And It’s more convenient than you think.

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Got already your e-commerce apps? Want to create something special around Augmented reality 3D and face mash rendering?

You can add the magic of ARShades VTO with our software development kit, straight into your e-commerce application.

Contact us to discuss it 

ARShades offers an integrated omni-channel solution, intelligently adapting to provide the most suitable experience for your customers based on the device they are using. It prioritizes speed and quality, ensuring the best possible user experience.

For instance, if a customer is accessing your website from a mobile device for the first time, ARShades will suggest an instant/clip app tailored to their operating system (Apple or Android). If the device doesn’t meet the AR requirements, the user will be directed to WebVTO, utilising the same web resources. For customers who have already downloaded your branded app, it will be launched directly. On the other hand, desktop or laptop users will be given the choice to switch to the higher-quality mobile experience or opt for the Web VTO.
Although most options are reversible, we guarantee the delivery of the try-on experience.

ARShades’ flexibility allows it to be implemented in various scenarios. Whether it’s your e-commerce product page, promotional landing pages, posters, event invitations, social media, newsletters, merchandise, or even the box of your glasses for cross-selling opportunities – the options are endless.

The Try-On experience can be initiated through an ARShades TRY-ON button on your product pages or a catalogue webpage, scanning a QR code, or following a link. This dynamic link management is what sets us apart.

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solutions,flexible solutions,sdk,branded solutions

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solutions,flexible solutions,sdk,branded solutions

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