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Dedicated Management and Analytics Dashboard

Get access to data relevant to your business

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Arshades Studio 

Productivity tools that make all the difference

Managing your data, customize your solutions, validate your digital assets and analyse the impact of ARShades is so easy with ARShade Studio.

Get more knowledge out of your data


Understand your customer

Get a complete understanding of your customers across devices. Find out how many try-on your glasses, for how long, and what brand, catalogue, frames, and variant people like the most. An ever-complete set of tools to thoroughly analyse your customers .

Test new frames and variants

Get more brilliant insight to understand what customers like or might like even before you launch your product on the market. Check reactions to new frames or run an A / B test to choose which texture or variant works more for your customers.


We are continuously working to improve ARShades Analitycs Dashboard at a steady pace. We are developing more metrics and charts on favourites and clients' profiles.

Your data in one place for all your ARShades solutions


Manage your collection across ARShades

Add data in blulk, modify on the fly, validate the digital frames before publishing them, sort glasses with high o low priority. Choose which frame to put on the top this week.

Label your products

Change on the fly the name, thumbnails and tagline to your catalogue, line and digital frames, and add a product description. Download all your ARShades data

Update your Dynamic Links

If the product page in your shop changes, you can change links in ARShades accordingly.

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Know more about the Power of Data Management and Analysis for the Eyewear Industry


Dynamic links

The journey to your product page or cart can be hard and tricky. 

With ARShades you have endless routes to offer to your potential customers. 

Just publish a link to try on your new model on your social media, or print a QRCode in your shops, or set a button in your marketing emails. 

Customers will always get the fastest route to ARShades and from there to your e-commerce. 

You can even set a dynamic buy button in your ARShades catalogue that leads to your cart.  


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AR 3D Virtual TRY-ON Solutions for Eyewear

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arshades studio,analitycs,dashboard,manage,data

Augmented Reality Solutions for your Eyewear Products

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arshades studio,analitycs,dashboard,manage,data

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